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About Us

Welcome to Sri Lanka's newest studio complex and creative hub “The Lounge by Pearlbay”. From the team behind the famous Pearlbay Music Studios.

PearlbayMusic was founded by Chathura Masinha, a music enthusiast, lyricist, and a microbiologist by profession. Chathura’s deep, passionate love of music instigated some brainstorms to do something for the music industry in Sri Lanka. 

Why named it Pearlbay? Chathura Explains; “Life like a bay of Indian Ocean full of excitements and turbulence, opportunities, and hindrances; yet pearl emerge when the time is right no matter what. We may all have a different experience of life, but this is a place that’s pearls found, pearls play and pearls stay. And of course Sri Lanka is Pearl of this great ocean. So isn't it a name made in Heaven”.

Pearlbay provides most Updated creative space for the locally and internationally artists to create their artworks under one roof. 

While we are providing the most comprehensive and affordable one of the best studio facilities in Sri Lanka, we are continuing to invest to bring the best facilities to the artists of all genera. With our relaxing and captivating quality music creation space, we believe this is one place that all artists can truly enjoy their music making, and bring out best at its unique atmosphere and brilliant acoustic super hub. Chathura continues; “We believe in the quality inside out, so we thrive to serve our clients at our best to provide them with a personalized service, all the time, every time. The team Pearlbay always ready to bring you the most dedicated and professional service you will ever experience”.

“We would like our customers to enjoy same or better Pro Audio we enjoy in our space. So, we set up PearlbayMusic Store to bring the best Pro-Audio brands at the best prices with care and service”

“We want every studio to be better than us and brings out the best of them. So, we will support them”

“Friendships are born in a million different ways, and all good friends strives to achieve the same goal: to be a source of love and support. At Pearlbay this is just what we do, be a good friend, source of love and support and we mean it”

Grand Studio

With a large live room perfect for ensembles offers an array of acoustic options.Powered by some of the greatest gears featuring Focal Shape Twin as main monitoring system backed by optional Genelec monitoring. This magnificent 600 square feet studio is one of the largest studios ever to be built in Sri Lanka. Accompanied by 350 square feet super control room, 80 square feet dedicated drum room and separate voice room this is the grand as it sounds.



PearlbayMusic Studio offers industry standard facilities for Recording & Music Production along plugins, outboard gear, and world class microphones.

Audio Production

PearlbayMusic Studio offers industry standard facilities for Recording & Music Production along plugins, outboard gear, and world class microphones.


If you have recorded tracks that need to be enhanced, PearlbayMusic Studio's experienced team will MIX & MASTER yourproject with world class outboard gear.


PearlbayMusic Studio Mastering Chain is a HYBRID based system equipped with SSL Outboard Gears

Voice Over

Dubbing/Narration Recording & IVR (Telephone On-hold Message) 


Work independently or have PearlbayMusic in-house Team Member to capture 

your session, creating the opportunity for you to get the best out at a 

faster rate. 

Custom Acoustical Treatment

Work independently or have 

PearlbayMusic in-house Team 

Member to capture your session, creating 

the opportunity for you to get the best 

out at a faster rate. 

Live Drum Session 


Work independently or have 

PearlbayMusic in house Team Member to  capture your session, creating the opportunity for  you to get the best out 

at a faster rate. 

Technical Guidance

Product Selection Guidance/Studio 

Construction/Product Repair

Session Artist Bookings

We can organize any professional artist for your 


Meet Our Team

Qualified & Well Trained Staff


Head Of Productions

A graduate of IAR New York, 'RangaD' started his music career in 1991 and is today one of Sri Lanka’s most accomplished musicians. Known for his revolutionary synthesizing of eastern and western sounds, he is highly sought after by both local artists and advertising agencies. He has composed many award-winning albums and compositions. Founder and Managing Director of Hit Factory Audio Production House, Ranga wanted to give those aspiring to join the music industry an opportunity to learn and flourish in the field of music and opened the Hit Factory Audio School in March 2008.


Chief Engineer / Tech Lead / Studio Manager

Jayasanka grew up playing many musical instruments, notably the Tubla and his talent has been crowned at all-island competitions.

He was only 14 years old when he developed a taste for live sounds and audio engineering encouraged by his mum; he studied under Ranga Dasanayake, one of the most respected musician/sound engineer in Sri Lanka.

His reputation as a young and talented sound mixing and mastering artist has been noticed by the industry, his professionalism is a true pride that PearlbayMusic enjoys.

Phone: +94 77 222 7535

Email: jg@pearlbay.com


Recording / MIxing Engineer

Since first picking up a guitar at the age of 12, Maheshwara had a burning passion for music and had a desire to understand what makes it sound good. This desire was what drove him to take his initial steps into audio engineering by experimenting with DAWs and home recordings. Soon, he enrolled into SAE Institute and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Audio Engineering, garnering experience in not just music but also, foley and sound design for film and games.

Today, he continues to grow and apply his skills at Pearlbay Music, and strives to provide the best recording experience.


Studio Coordinator

Phone: +94 77 773 7535

Email: hello.music@pearlbay.com


Band Practices

Rs. 1000.00

Minimum 4 Hours

Grand Studio

Single Track Rec.

Rs. 2000.00

Minimum 2 Hours

Grand Studio

Multi Track Rec.

Rs. 2500.00

Minimum 2 Hours

Grand Studio

Orchid Lounge

Feel Home, Feel Belonged

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